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apalileo is cool... so far.
@Jarrett Thanks! I always put as much thought and consideration into each of my modifications as possible. Not for anyone else's sake, but for my own satisfaction. With all these pictures I've taken through the years, it was only right that I share my progress with like-minded enthusiasts. I know there'll be gaps in the works, like many other MRT's, but it's always nice to see the steps each and every person takes with their own car. Yours has seen quite a lot of action, despite the weather, too! I respect that!

@Rilas Much appreciated! I know I've taken far more from these forums than I've given, and my car is a testament to that. I once had a 97 Accord EX and learned a lot from that, but these forums took that knowledge much farther. With the DIY and tech sections being so informative! I owe a bit of thanks to everyone here for sharing their work and experiences as well. I love your documentation on your coupe! I get too excited to take photos sometimes. I also like the idea of the F22B swap. It just looks proper!

Coming soon will be Techna-Fit brake lines and a 40/40 Prop valve to get the most out of my brake work.

This was my 97 Accord CD5 (2000-2006)

EX VTEC 5-Speed

JDM Black Housing Stanleys
94-95 Accord Lower Lip
DIY 94-95 Accord "Type R" Upper Grille
VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
Velox VX-6R 17x7 +42 w/ 215/45/17
Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs (not the same set as my CB7)
Neuspeed Koni Yellows (5-Perch set at lowest point)
JDM rear garnishes
Tanabe Sustec Front and Rear Upper Strut Bars
Apex'i Power Intake w/ Custom Heat Shield
Apex'i World Sport Cat-Back Exhaust (OG Model w/o Rolled Lip on Tip)
Prelude Shift Lever w/ DC Sports Short Shift Adapter

That's all I can recall right now
1993 Accord DX | Rosewood Brown Metallic (secret link)
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