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Originally Posted by Ralphie View Post
Hows it working with the H11B??

I wanted to do the College Hills homelink upgrade, but never did.

I need to source some cheap roof racks for the CRV.

Not trying to spend ~$400+ on a Thule/Yakima rack.
With the correct bulb it is working fantastically.

I also swear the thing picked up around 10HP from removing the resonator and just having the unhooked air box. It gained a lot of throttle response without a doubt. Used to have a pretty noticeable delay with a heel toe downshift, which I figured was either ECU tuning or a massive flywheel. But it revs a lot faster now, so it may have been a fair bit of intake inertia too.

I only drove it home from work in the night time, but so far so good. I might need to aim the projectors down a bit, but haven't been flashed yet. Also, up close, the 5500K doesn't seem to match the LED DRL's, which look like a lower light temp, but from about 20-50 feet away, they are really close. I think the LED's are probably 4300K to match a standard set of HID's, but I wanted a brighter white and honestly, it is close.
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