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Rilas, I had a chance to look through this thread and I have come up with a few more tests for you to run.

Checking the relay inputs:
The key is off during these test. You will be removing the relays and probing in the socket. You should see readings similar to this. I am not sure which pins are which, but you can try all 4 and note what you come up with.

Next, you will short the cooling fan switch BLU wire to ground. Using the remaining socket pins test for continuity to ground. It should be a direct short with the resistance being less than 2 ohms.

Finally, you will apply 12v to the last remaining socket pin AND the switch BLU wire still shorted to ground. You will have to reinstall the relay for this and the fan should kick on after performing this test if the other tests were good. A simple way to do this is to simply jump the WHT wire from the fan timer to the YEL/WHT and YEL wires, individually of course. You should be able to hear each fan turn on.

I uploaded this from my phone, so the pics may not show until I get to my PC.

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