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Originally Posted by Nine-Dee 2.2 View Post
Well, it was an oblong dent, as if the person who hit the car had the front right of their car go almost diagonally inwards before the filler cap, alot of the dent I pushed out with my hand. I've used the suction cup method, didn't work for the deep stuff. I'm trying to get the deep dents next to the filler opening, but I can't get any sort of tool that far in behind the trunk lining. It sort of tapers off into a small space before the neck.

I should have included a before picture, I virtually created no crease-lines and popped out only 15% of the dent. I was gentle enough and put a soft towel between the jack and the panel. Surprisingly, being able to control the speed of the pressure applied ensured I did not bend the metal outwards.

I've yet to find out if these whole quarterpanels come off or not?

Thanks for your advice, I may try the suction cup method once more considering the dent has a little more flatness to it. Or am I missing something?

EDIT: I should add that most of the creases you may see is the clearcoat coming off the car.
find the center of the dent and pull from there, on a very hazy and questionable night i put a dent twice as big as yours with my ass on the car of a friend and he pulled it out using a suction cup or at least i remember it that way.
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