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Originally Posted by cp[mike] View Post
damn, super duper clean with a fine attention to detail. love the build. what method are you using to clean everything?
Originally Posted by Rilas View Post
To clean everything I'm just using some simple green, a scraper, dish brush, Scott's Blue Shop Towels, small flat blade screw driver, and a ton of elbow grease!

I knew the ST would be thicker but I picked this sway bar up about 6 months ago and it's been sitting on a shelf since, only paid $7 which is hard to beat. Since it's solid I figured it would be a little bit of an upgrade over the hollow one. It should pair nicely with the Progress rear sway bar I plan on picking up in a month or two.

Didn't get my steering parts ordered last week but I just put in my order for them this morning. I know they aren't the greatest quality but, they are all getting moved over to the sedan to be sold, in the near future. I didn't want to get the cheapest stuff possible because I might be riding around on it for a few months myself.

Also picked up OEM lower ball joints from the Honda dealer so they are covered even though they aren't listed. I didn't forget!

wow this is an impressive member rides thread. Lots of cleaning and dedication to this oem inspired build. Love it.

keep up the great work and keep us posted.

Originally Posted by Rilas View Post
I almost started the car last night. I moved the battery from the sedan over to Lola. After checking everything over again, I realized I left the power steering speed pump and the vss out of the transmission. Needless to say the entire thing was coated in oil and dirt buildup. It took about 50 minutes to get it all cleaned up. While cleaning that I realized I needed some power steering fluid for the thing, don't want to burn it up. I realized as well that I haven't adjusted the TPS. So I didn't start the car last night, which bummed me out a bit, but I'm not in a rush. I did run to Wal-Mart and get a few more hose clamps and some power steering fluid for the PSSP.

Also my ST sway bars didn't show up again last night. Yesterday I emailed the company I bought them from. I got a reply late last night, they couldn't find them in their Nevada warehouse. Their PA warehouse didn't have any in stock and was supposed to get them in on the 15th. They didn't actually get any in stock until yesterday. It was shipped out UPS 3 day select. I will either get them on Saturday or Monday. Sorry for the delay in this guys.

What size is the ST front sway bar btw? I went with the CD5 front sway bar its 27mm compared to the 25mm front oem cb7 sway bar.

I too have the Ultra Racing front strut bar. I love it. I completed my cb with the rear strut bar and the lower floor bar.

I highly recommend getting the other 2 bars. Car feels super solid.

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