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Originally Posted by excalibur02 View Post
wow this is an impressive member rides thread. Lots of cleaning and dedication to this oem inspired build. Love it.

keep up the great work and keep us posted.

What size is the ST front sway bar btw? I went with the CD5 front sway bar its 27mm compared to the 25mm front oem cb7 sway bar.

I too have the Ultra Racing front strut bar. I love it. I completed my cb with the rear strut bar and the lower floor bar.

I highly recommend getting the other 2 bars. Car feels super solid.
Thank you for the compliment Excalibur02.

The front ST sway bar is solid and 27mm as well.

Funny you should mention the Ultra Racing bars. I actually purchased the rear upper strut bar on Friday. I am looking at getting the floor bar soon as well as the CD5 fender braces, but modified to actually bolt onto our door hinges. I'm also debating about purchasing a set of the body bars for under the car. Not sure how this will work with being lowered in the near future.
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