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maroonaccord2.2 may have said something they shouldn't have...
I used some plastic scrap and more JB weld to close off the opening on the top

As you can see, I had to dremel the baskets for clearance. On a JDM (no basket) housing this obviously would not be an issue

I got a whole inch of space to spare!!!

The Wiring Harness

After extensive research and advice from other retrofitted foes, I decided on a stand alone harness for my ballasts. Now, when warmed up and running the ballasts only draw about 35 watts of current, but on startup it can be upwards of 80+ watts!! This is NOT good for the small factory harness wires. Here are some pics of what I fabbed up.

My harness minus the fused link…..that was installed during the headlight swap out.

Ballast protection, just don’t seal them up 100% as they need to breathe. I used some Tupperware-style containers that have locking lids and trimmed them for the pigtails in and out.

You MUST have a dremel for this DIY, did I mention that? lol

Driver’s side ballast, I sacrificed the cruise control… barely gets used anyhow

Passenger side

Here’s the passenger side installed and running on the car w/no glass! This is a must for aiming them before you make things permanent. (adjustment is vertical/horizontal/rotational)

1992 Accord LX - SOLD
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