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maroonaccord2.2 may have said something they shouldn't have...
Driver and passenger side during the aiming process, time to align the projectors and shim them with washers if necessary before final fitment.

As you can see, the passenger side needs a tad of rotational adjustment counter-clockwise….probably just a few degrees. It’s important to note that they are supposed to be aimed down a little bit from horizontal. (2.1-2.5” drop over a distance of about 25 feet)

Aiming diagram

Once aligned and shimmed, it’s time to make them more permanent. I used some shims (trimmed BIC pen) and globs of RTV sealant to make sure things are water tight.

The PVC cutouts are for the large D2S ballast plugs

Now it’s time for the glass. I used a NISSAN butyl rubber headlight/taillight sealer (part# B-1756) to close them up. It will allow me to pull the headlights apart in the future if need be after a trip to the oven……silicone or liquid nails wont allow you to do that. You simply apply the sealer (stretch and roll it out to size) in the headlight bucket, pop the entire headlight in the oven to soften the butyl rubber for about 8 minutes at 225*, and put the glass on w/the OE clips.

Finished product

On the car, yeah it’s really dirty and cold….it’s the middle of winter so chill.

There are pics of my cutoff coming, so stay tuned!!!
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