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islandhopper seems to have made some friends! islandhopper seems to have made some friends!
Talking Ideas....maaaan

Originally Posted by '93CB7Ex View Post
i like the white.
Originally Posted by Nurega View Post
I like the white as-is, but...

Have you ever seen the NSX-R Championship White color? If you're going to paint it, I really say go for that color.
It seems as though white is a real winner with a few of you guys...

Don't get me wrong...i like white...i like white on these rims...but im ready for something new and i'd like to keep the darker theme going. I've pretty much made up my mind. But all of your opinions are appreciated.

Originally Posted by crazymikey View Post
Just throwin ideas out there....

Gunmetal or bronze for the wheels, with a red body molding pinstripe.
Yes! Ideas are why i created this thread! I appreciate everyone helping me to get the creative juices flowing.

BTW I have the ENTIRE library of OEM Honda Paints to choose if something isn't listed, throw it out there!


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