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CyborgGT is cool... so far.
I saw one of each trim level with the -3

This is everything that's sitting in one Denver yard at the moment (exterior paint code / interior color - looking around Majestic, there is a ridiculous number of interior color codes for plastics, cloth, and headliner material). I'm going back down tomorrow to pull parts, and will try to squeeze in another yard in the area just to collect color combos.

LX sedan 5spd - YR-501M-3 / brown
LX sedan 5spd - R-70M-3 / tan

LX sedan auto - YR-501M-3 / brown
LX sedan auto - NH-538-3 / grey
LX wagon auto - NH-537-M-3 / grey

DX coupe 5spd - NH-538-3 / blue
LX sedan 5spd - B-54P-3 / grey
LX sedan 5spd - NH-538 / blue
EX coupe 5spd - NH-538-3 / blue
EX wagon 5spd - B-54P-3 / grey

LX coupe auto - NH-561P-3 / grey
LX sedan auto - YR-94M-3 / red
LX wagon 5spd - R-78P-3 / grey

Project CB9 AeroR start-up: //////////
Slowly but surely... and gunning for that NA list!

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