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G. Wiffington seems to have made some friends! G. Wiffington seems to have made some friends!
Been busy with work but I have managed to clean up the bay & finished retaping/looming the main harness(very oily/dirty). The wiring for the thermo sensor connector & the oil pressure switch were so brittle they fell apart. I have also been working on the brakes situation. Since my modulator for the ABS was leaking somewhere I wanted to just get rid of the whole setup. When I pulled the modulator you could see that the actual body inside the bay was rusting away because of how bad the fluid was leaking. I have taken all of the ABS lines out as well the rest of the equipment.

I have the 40/40 prop valve connected up to the rear lines & have installed the new non-ABS Brake Booster. Today I am going to install the MC so I can bend & fabricate how the hard lines should be.

Slowly but surely it is coming along.

Waiting for a few pieces from Rosko Racing for the Intake Mani. (They sent my order to the wrong house.)
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