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Originally Posted by G. Wiffington View Post
Euro-R IACV Adapter Plate
Fuel Rail adapter kit for AEM/stock style fuel rails
Euro-R Throttle Cable Bracket
I had to do some fabricating on the Fuel Rail Adapter..Rosko gives you two "metal spacers" that go in place of the two studs that the rail sits on & bolts to the IM which were too long. Since I am using the F22's Fuel Rail the length of the metal spacers made the rail sit too high which was causing the rail to not sit low enough for the injectors to be completely sealed tight. I had to grind down the metal spacers almost 1/4" in order to get a flush seal on the injectors. I also used 4 small washers (2 for each bolt) towards the head of the bolt to compensate for the length lost on those metal spacers.( I am using the Euro's stock injectors.)

Also, in order to use the F22's Fuel rail I had to cut off the middle notch for where the middle bolt bolts up to in order to clear the EGR cover plate. Other than that the Fuel Rail Adapter bolts up nicely. I am sure someone could fabricate the whole setup, it is a fairly simple design.
(Picture from Rosko Racing.)
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