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Originally Posted by Shadow1992 View Post
Since those wheels are wider then our stock wheels, you'll want a slightly wider tire to keep from having to stretch them on. On stock 15 inch wheels we had 195/60 -15 tires. On those wheels tires of 215/55 -15 or 235/50 -15 would be best. They are about as close as you can get to stock diameter (so your speedo wont change) without having to stretch the tire too much to get them over the wider wheel. The stock tire is close to 2 inches wider at the tread then the wheel, the 235/50 has close to 2 inch wider tread compared to the wheels you want, so the look of the sidewall when mounted and the car on the ground should be about same as stock.
Considering they dont even make a 235/50/15 tire it is a bad idea either way, the recommended tire for these rims is a 195/60/15 per tire rack and anyone else, also a 205/55/15 would work just fine but will probably cost more per tire.

iamninja28 you need to find out the tire size, 2" doesnt mean anything in sizing tires.
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