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---- Benefits of an ESP Prelude/Accord Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F ----

I think a lot of people forget there is much more benefit than just added clearance in the front...

Our ESP Prelude/Accord Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F has the below benefits:

- Prevents Wheel Hop
- Prevents Torque Steer
Let's talk about these 2 things here. Instead of your Nose of car going up and loss of Traction immediately and going to one side of the road with the OEM unit. Our ESP unit will keep the nose of the car down, grab Traction much quicker in RPM and go straight instead of off to one side.
- Front Torque Mount Kit helps eliminate unwanted engine movement
It will keep the engine movement to a minimum and force more power to the ground. It will also help aid the longevity of the Mounts. It will help with the added Traction. Will also aid those with higher hp cars.
- Strengthens the Front End
Our ESP unit is a much stronger than the OEM unit. You can jack on the main bar in the middle or the end plates. It is best to use a 2x4 piece of wood maybe a foot long and a rag to protect the powder coating.
- Improves Overall Road Response
Our ESP unit being much more quicker in control will overall improve all steering and handeling of the car in good and bad weather conditions.
- Adjustability
The adjustability of our unit is much easier and quicker than the OEM unit.
- OEM unit is roughly 45 lbs. Our unit is roughly half that 25 lbs
- Gives additional 3-4" more clearance up front then OEM unit
- Road Race guys swear by our unit.
They are able to run more power/boost with the added Traction around corners. Equates to quicker times.
- Our welds are SS ARC welded. That is the best penetrating weld for thicker steel.

Your 2 main Performance Modifications that will wake up any Prelude and Accord will be our ESP Polyurethane Motor Mount Kit and ESP Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F

Our ESP unit is a Win Win. Our ESP units are HandMade and Made in the USA!!! They are all Made upon purchase. We do not skimp or rush our quality. There is a wait time. Our Hand crafted SS ARC welds are nice and thick. ARC weld is the best penetrating weld! We DO NOT skimp and use robotic tig which is a thin out weld for mass production and lot of times is too thin and will not penetrate as well.

Other cheaper units wont last as long and parts are not as strong. Some you can't even jack on them. We use best hardware and Heims available. We don't care if they cost more. We want the Best! Some of the Fastest Cars run our Units. The Worlds Fastest Turbo BB Prelude, Worlds Fastest All Motor BB Prelude, Worlds Fastest Nitrous BB Prelude... all run our ESP units. We also have 900 hp H22 Turbo 4 door Accord and a H22 Turbo Accord currently running a 10.94.

We ESP have been around for some time over 12+++ years. We are the Original Production Traction Bar System Company for the Prelude and Accord Chassis. Roger's Fastest FWD Turbo Prelude was one of the first. He came to use when was running low 11's. He was trying to go after the Worlds Fastest Prelude Claim at the time which was high 10's at the time. We made him a Traction Bar System and he was able to get the Claim and continue to improve the car to a blazing 9.33 1/4 mile time.

Our Current Halloween Sale for the ESP Prelude/Accord Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F is $399+$26 for shipping. Paypal Payment. Please Email Me with any other questions or wanting to purchase.

Explicit Speed Performance
Custom Engineering and Fabrication
Motor Mount Kits, Traction Bar Systems, Solid 2/3/4 Pt Strut Bars, F22/H22/H23 Alternator/Tensioner Kits and much more...
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