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TheSnigg is cool... so far.

Apologies for being away so long. I go on hiatus from time to time.

i thought i posted these pics somewhere but i got them here as well. I will try to get some pics of the coils on the car one I get under there again.

This is how the car sits at the moment:

I just drove it today, I recently installed the ESP front traction bar

I also installed a progress rear swaybar. Stock front bar - PU end links.

As far as " how is everything ". I stand by every word that I said in the initial review. I really enjoy driving this car now even how it looks at the moment. The adjustable dampening has allowed me to adjust my grip front and back keeping the rears softer than the fronts. I have a slight rub, but the ride quality is more than satisfying. Its a great coil that offers drivability and performance at a great price.

I also rode in my cousins STI on racelands...def mad me appreciate my geckos.

As I stated before my car rides better than my brothers MR2 Turbo on Konis and Eibach springs. It feels very planted and responsive.

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