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Originally Posted by AccordWarrior View Post
I think it's a trim level thing. I want to say that all red 90-91 LX/EX models have beige interiors. All 92-93 LX/EX models have gray interiors. I know Cokinut's 92 DX has a gray interior.

I did find a 90 DX with a maroon interior.

Btw Larry...that hubcap is going to look AMAZING after your five lug swap
i think you are right. its the year and trim levels. idk if i can find 5 lug hubcaps at autozone or maybe walmart. lol

thanks everyone for your comments. you guys are too much

Originally Posted by mtnbikaah View Post
i thought bordeaux red only came with they gray interior??? that's what my sedan is...

i'd reckon that bordeaux red is the best color for a CB
no way man, that green for the 92-93 SE is the best. lol

Originally Posted by mndude07 View Post
Bordeaux red, but with a gray interior instead of maroon!? Nice find! I'l definitely be watching this alot with your civic build. Best of luck
idk, 1BADACC found me this. i should have a update on wednesday.

Originally Posted by 92accordkidd View Post
car is looking good cant wait till its transformed
oh dont you worry man

Originally Posted by daheavyking View Post
Paint the strunk black and PM me a price and Ill buy it. My coupe has a sedan ass and thats not right at all. Good luck to you and this ride man!!!! Make Rachel Rey proud!
i didnt go see her yet. im not painting nothing. $100 for the trunk and tails. First come first serve
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