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H311RA151N seems to have made some friends! H311RA151N seems to have made some friends!
Tomorrow I'm getting ready to install the T28 on this. I've been researching the gaskets and such needed beforehand. I'm going to place the order tomorrow and be ready for next weekend.

The parts I need :

From Mitsubishi


From Street Tuned

14mm crush washers
10mm crush washers
Turbo lock washers
Return line to turbo gasket
Return line to oil pan gasket
Turbo bolt washers
O2/downpipe nuts
Manifold to head gasket

(More for my records)

It's going to run about $190 for everything. It will be nice to fix the leak between the head and turbo manifold at the same time as installing the bigger turbocharger. It should be an awesome first pull given everything goes right. I hope my wastegate is good. At one time I questioned it's condition. If it's bad it may hit fuel cut with the T28. Which would suck as I'd have to locate another wastegate.
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