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I managed to get the steering rack more or less disassembled and cleaned up last night. I couldn't get the rod out with the gear on it. Because while I have my snap ring pliers I left the tips in my other garage . This is a rack that I half converted before. I had just taken off the valve body, dropped all the valves out and put it back together and looped the lines. This left me with some play in the steering wheel. Like to drive straight I would have to constantly work the wheel back and forth ever so slightly. Really annoying let me tell you! So this is everything that will be going back into the rack with the exception of 1 valve which again is in my other garage. I'll get some pictures of it once I'm reassembling things. Also I had the black tube off the rack and pinion but I slid it back on, and couldn't get it off again for the life of me. So I just slid it mostly together again for the pictures.

Rack Disassembled and Cleaned (Teaser of Copper Exhaust Gasket in the Corner)

Valve Body Disassembled 1

Valve Body Disassembled 2

Rack Internals

A few days ago I also finished up the OEM fog light harness and have it installed on the car. I'll post up a picture or two of it as well, in a day or two.

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