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Originally Posted by Mike1357 View Post
I'm really surprised you have any rubbing issues at all. Is that the Jack Lee replica spoiler? And that distribution block in the engine bay is nice, but it looks out of place.
Yep on the Jack Lee replica spoiler.

- Filled in the holes with some filler and dabbed some paint on it for now

- Got another circuit breaker for the amps. Work in progress here...

What you are seeing is:
- 180amp circuit breaker for starter and alt. That wire leads to the engine bay where I have a splitter. In-line fuse for the ALT on the engine bay splitter as it is a wire reduction point
- 150amp circuit breaker for the distribution block. The wire going into it now is for the fuse box and I still need to connect the amps which have in line fuses you see there.
Will be nice to have all the electrical sorted out. But I'm confident in my work and hopefully there will be no issues after this.

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