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wildBill83 seems to have made some friends!
No worries, I don't mind cruising alone. Worst comes to worst I'm going to post photos of some of the roads/corners and make everyone wish they had come. Eye candy FTMFW! I'm considering hiding a camera in camo on a corner and setting it up for stop motion photos so I can get a good action shot around a corner.

I agree it is short notice, I can always reschedule. I just thought the timing was perfect for a good fall background on some photos. Also for anyone interested we can eat at a local greasy spoon called the Feed Mill and do a bonfine out on some land.

Maps will be handed out on day of cruise, this is need-to-know information and only those cruising need to know. These are my secret quiet roads afterall.

If others show interest in another date I can move it, no problems. Everyone should experience this type of zen! I just thought that since I'm smack-dab in the middle of Texas maybe we could get a good mix of CB7 owners that rarely ever meet. I plan to repeat, and if anyone is in the area and wants to hang out/cruise and it's not the date I listed I most likely am going to be happy to go.

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