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hiptech seems to have made some friends! hiptech seems to have made some friends!
Words escape me... can someone explain this?

First I want to comment on how well this video was done. It's so slick and polished the creator deserves so much recognition and props!

Next, I'm floored at the price this car is getting on eBay!

I was literally on the phone yesterday with Hagerty discussing insurance for my 93SE which BTW won't be eligible until next September since that is when it was first registered. And without any "comps" that come close to mine they best guessed it at about $10k.

What's unbelievable to me is this '96 Accord, while in nice shape has some serious cosmetic issues and unbelievably is already at $20,600.00 with more than 5 days to go!

Can someone tell me what I'm missing here!?
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