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Not long at all. Less than 30 minutes. Once the HDS was hooked up and we were looking at data, (by we I mean myself and another master tech mostly him as it was his R.O., only master techs that have been through special training are allowed to touch the NSX) we noticed that the brake switch was open regardless if the pedal was pressed or not. Checked for power at the brake switch, nothing. Checked the fuse associated with the brake switch and lights, and it was blown. So we started checking the wiring for the brake lights and found the LED 3rd was dead shorted, blowing the fuse. Unplugged the 3rd brake light and installed a new 7.5A fuse. She started right up. I find it important to note that this NSX only has about 1,500 miles on it.

i would like to say for the record, i don't like the NSX hardly at all. I think Honda put waaay to high of a price tag on it for what you get. You could get any number of other cars that would outrun the hell outta the NSX for less money, and any number of other cars that look better and feel better inside and out.
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