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Well, most of you now know I am moving to San Antonio over the next few days. So here is my last post in California.

On June 24th, I went to an autox event at the Marina Airport. Flat concrete is a different autox experience than a not-so-flat asphalt parking lot. It was still tons of fun, even though the tack was majorly confusing, with 3 crossover points.

Third run, a 59.32s run:

Fourth run was the fastest, a 58.122s run:

The fastest times of the day were 50s flat, pulled off by an old Fiesta with a Tornado V8 and FWD trans swapped into the rear end, and a Porsche 914 with individuals on a boxer 4. I wish I had video of them running.

Also, since I got a registration ticket on the way to the drag strip on May 28th, I decided to take the challenge of getting this thing smogged and registered before moving to Texas. That involved having a 2.25" exhaust from the resonator back welded on and putting on the stock intake/vacuum lines. I went to one of those places where the visual inspector "did not know" if the AEM fuel components were smog legal or not. The car passed! The only real issue was the idle, but the idle screw worked its magic.

Here is the exhaust at idle:

Off to San Antonio!
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