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Man, San Antonio was really hot for July and August, but now things are reasonable. I just started racing with San Antonio Sports Car Association. This is a pretty big association, with about 100 serious drivers showing up for every event. I haven't had a chance to drag at SA Raceway, but I did race the car at the SASCA Auto X event. Hopefully, this video gives you a chance to see that I painted the door trim pieces white, and you get to hear how obnoxious the car is with 2.25" exhaust to the back with one 18" resonator.

I DNF'd the first three runs, the track was so confusing. Too many slaloms in my opinion. Here is the third run:

Here is the last run. I placed 5th in the Novice class, so now I have a goal for next time: first in the novice class.

Sorry my camera guy did not zoom in.
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