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Thanks for stopping in, Jarrett!

4+ years after installing the Fortune Auto 500 series coilovers, I must say that they are still second to none when it comes to the CB7 chassis. The Swift Springs upgrade (8k front and 12k rear) was certainly worthwhile, but I do not have the 500 series springs to compare them to. I have not had issues with them this whole time, except for a single coilover in the rear not consistently registering clicks when I adjust the damping, but that was a thing right after installation that I still do not see as a major issue.

I still have yet to adjust preload after the initial installation settings, not because I don't know how, but because I have not seen the need to do so! These things do what I need them to do when I am on the autocross circuit or the track, and are nowhere near my limiting factors (brakes/HP). This company is true to their hand-built name, as they made these for me by hand in bespoke fashion. They also do a complete overhaul service for your set at recommended intervals, and will even re-valve if you want to change spring rates. I cannot recommend their 500 series coilovers more highly to our community. I paid $1500, and it now looks like they're going for $1324.

Oh, and Jarrett, go to my channel directly on Youtube. You will like my most recent videos better than the autox ones you mentioned.
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