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Originally Posted by vinbon63 View Post
Searching the site today I came accross this thread, where on post #20-#21, if I'm reading it right says that OEM replacement springs are in the range of 255 front/149 rear. Im guessing that these would be fairly close to the OEM Honda stock springs right? But at the same time, comparing these spring rates with the posted Neuspeed sport spring rate, they are quite close. Considering this comparison, can our original springs have a spring rate close to the rates of Neuspeed Sports? Reason Im trying to find out so much is because Im trying to determine if the Koni STR.T struts will be able to support my Neuspeed Sports spring rates. Hope I didnt go too off topic here.
I seriously doubt those numbers are right. That would also mean that a Tokico HP shock is too weak for a stock spring...and that isn't true.
STR.T's and Neuspeed sports should be just find. If you're in doubt, call Koni and give them the Neuspeed sport spring rates and see if they can tell you if it would be ok.

I actually JUST got off the phone with Tokico tech. I'm working on finding the damping forces for all the common shocks, so that people will be able to answer questions just like yours by looking at this thread.
There are no black and white suspension answers!!!!!!!!!!!
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