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Raf99 is very helpful Raf99 is very helpful
Well of course I'm still working on the car but the 'cloud 9' days of things going well didn't last... haha

I tried to buff the bay and on the top of the shock tower I buffed through the clear / base, and could see primer. Well no problem I though, i have a can of arcadian green from crappy tire here. I'll just touch it up.

- found out pretty quick that the can vs the man made mix do not match. The can was a lighter more noticeable green. Even after multiple coats, letting it dry, etc. I had a bright green patch on the top of the shock tower.... dam. It looked horrible.

- Created a new paint booth again, made it larger
- Sanded down, started over on that side
- Painted again
- Got drips of paint from gun container connection, re-taped
- Sanded.... started over.
- Painted again...
- First clear coat , np
- Let clear coat sit too long in gun between coats and it gels up in the gun. OMG. Didn't realize this until I tried the 2nd clear coat and it just splattered crap everywhere.


- sanded down again
- meticulously cleaned gun. ditched inner gun filter
- had to buy more paint

And.......... whew. Here we are.

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