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Hell yea it does, with newer vehicles, if you don't have a scan tool or a scope, you can forget trying to diag it. I totally agree with you on the 911. The new NSX has REALLY bombed, mostly because of the price. If they had priced it around $90,000 (with its competition the GT-R) it probably would have done much better.

These are my toys, from left to right. Snap-On Modis (OBD-1 and 2, gas analyzer, and 4 channel lab scope) HDS (Honda Diagnostic System) interface and laptop, and Snap-ON Solus Edge. The Snap-On tools are mine, the interface and laptop belong to the dealership. I also have a Matco TPMS tools that is required to program sensor IDs, reset tire monitoring systems, change hysteria on some vehicles if necessary, a Power Probe 3, and some other goodies. I love electrical work, the top 2 big drawers in my toolbox are dedicated to nothing but electrical diag and repair.

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