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23T vs. 25T

So I ordered some remanufactured wagon front calipers from Centric as part of my brake refresh, and I'm not sure if I got all the right stuff.

One of the calipers came with a 23T bracket, and the other a 25T. From what I remember, the wagon came with a 25T, but this thread here makes it seem like the calipers I got (part # 17CL15VN left and right) are from a whole bunch of Honda products, and I'm not sure if the calipers are even right now.

So will I be returning just one or both? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: the rotors I got were the correct ones for the wagon at 25mm thick, so the one with the 23T bracket is no good
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This happens all the time. That caliper was on so many cars for a good 15 year span.

I would suggest that you return the caliper with the 23T bracket only if I thought that there was some way to ensure that you'd get the 25T bracket with the replacement. Since I have my doubts that someone will spend the time on that end to look through boxes to get one for you, you might be better off grabbing one from the junkyard, or finding someone who has one for sale.
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