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Lecco is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by IridiumCore View Post
i did this about a year ago.. thanks Timmy cuz I used this info. I do have a question though. My e brake line is fully adjusted all the slack is out. Is there a method to make them tighter
x2 I also would like to know, I have same problem and my e-brake does not engage completely

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CB7 R3ason
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i finished my rear disc conversion....i replaced the caliper pads and rotors

here is some pics


MR : http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthre...ght=CB7+R3ason

Originally Posted by quaidum View Post
you being able to see four blocks down the road is resulting in someone not being able to see 5 feet in front of them

good job, just what the world needs more inconsiderate drivers
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Mishakol129 may have said something they shouldn't have...
^^^ That looks nice man.

I'm thinking about doing this to my wagon as there is a A6 with the rear setup at the junkyard where i live, but the rotors are rusty as hell... My question is if its REALLY worth it to put these on my wagon cause I know that my wagon already has bigger rotors on it and plus the rotors need to be changed out soon (I have Brembo rotors and Hawk pads to put on it), that will be a big job alone. I wanna do this for the safety of it and because I want to make my car better... but safety mainly. Is it worth it? I thought I heard Deev say one time that rear rotors are not THAT much better stopping power cause most of the power comes from the front (like %80 front %20 in the back). This is a common knowledge I have heard... But is it still worth all the time and effort for a car that is a DD, doesn't go to the track, and already has Brembo/Hawk brakes in the front?

I just don't wanna put that shit on my car and have a caliper fail on me or ruin something and make things worse off than they were and give myself headaches... Plus the money that will be poured in for it, along with new rotors and possibly new calipers and pads.
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Don't know if this info will help anyone, but I did this swap quite a few months ago, I didn't read through all of this before hand though because I just went and assumed that the CD and CB rear suspension was all the same, except for the crossmember.

Anyway, I grabbed two rear disc knuckles off of two random CD Accords. Don't know what years, but both had ABS sensors, I believe. I would have gotten them from the same car, but one side of one car was seized.

I didn't grab any different bolts or anything, however, I will tell you guys, the trailing arms were different. I didn't realize this until months later when I was doing a bushing overhaul. The trailing arms both fit in the same place, however, the bracket mounting to the body was different and the bushing was different. The brackets mounting to the body bolted to the exact same places, however.

I ended up having to go to the junkyard and getting new trailing arms to replace these. This time off of one car, also a CD Accord.

I used the stock control arms that came with my car, and toe arms as well. Stock crossmember, and sway bar. All of it bolted up with no issues, except the one bushing I had to replace from one of the knuckles that had a bolt seized in it. I threw a Prothane LCA bushing in it and it fit good enough for the time being. I ran it like that for 7 months or so.

I never reinstalled my ebrake cables though
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Old 08-12-2015, 04:10 PM   #285
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just did mine

More details:


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Ended up getting a PV from eBay. The seller listed the valve as being off a 96 Del Sol and being a 40/40 valve. After receiving it doesn't seem like the correct one.

Can this still work or is this for another application?

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I purchased the same looking PV on ebay. It worked out.
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brake , swap

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