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In case anyone needs the lower bushing from NAPA, they DO have it! I just got one from there, 6.99 and the part number is 906915. It was special order so be sure to give it a few hours or in my case a day or so coming from Tucson.

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crazymikey is very helpful crazymikey is very helpful
OMG, thank god for this DIY. I broke the bolt head off when trying to remove the rear strut on the wagon yesterday.

I've been drilling and beating on this thing mercilessly trying to get it out. Now I know the trick to get it done.

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crazymikey is very helpful crazymikey is very helpful
Got my OEM bushing today. What a pain to install. Wouldn't fit. Filed out the hole in the knuckle. No good. Started to file down the outside of the bushing. After lots of test fitting, and hammering, I was getting so fed up.

Can't count how many expletives were loudly yelled. I actually had one of my neighbours come over and see what all the yelling and swearing was about LOL.

Finally, I got so pissed and frustrated, I just went Hulk on the bushing with my hammer and it literally just popped right in after swinging wildly.

Took me forever, and probably one of the worst jobs I've had to do on a CB. Was not fun at all.

The bushing from Honda cost me $23.80 CDN, and comes as only the bushing, no bolt.
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I just had the issue with the lower bushing. Got all 3 springs in without any issue's in fact it was super easy and everything came apart just fine. That last bolt on the lower bushing stopped me from completing the project. So now my car is sitting on the lift at work for who knows how long. Advance auto claimed to not have the part I needed, and It was just getting to late. So I made the hour trek home in a loaner car. Who actually has this part? I kinda need to fix this tomorrow since this is my daily driver.
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Thanks for this thread. I just did this on the left side today. The old bolt (after 25 years) actually came out. I used a long 1 inch hole saw (for cutting the hole in a wood door for the latch mechanism) to cut through the rubber of the bushing (easier than burning it out or drilling a bunch of holes), then a metal blade on my sawzall to make two cuts through the shell of the bushing (the two halves come out very easily). On the new OEM bushing, I used my belt sander to make the angle of the lead in chamfer longer and shallower. I used a 28 mm socket (with a bolt through the socket and bushing to help alignment) to hammer the new bushing in.

On the right side, I tried to undo the bolt and could hear the rubber ripping, so I won't have to cut the rubber in the bushing, but may have to cut the bolt if it is too stuck in the bushing.

7/19/2015: Did the other side today. The bolt would unthread from the nut (at lower end of shock), but the steel part of the bushing was seized to it. Sawzall took care of the bolt on the threaded end; had to use a cutoff wheel for the bushing/bolt at the head end. Two cuts of the bushing shell again made it easy to remove.
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