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Originally Posted by Cam View Post
So I finally got around to trying to fit the lower alternator kit and just realised that it isn't going to fit. Is this kit only supposed to be for h22's swapped into civics that don't have a lower cross member? Am I missing something? Because as far as I can see there is no way it is going to fit onto the cb? The bottom half of the bracket hits the cross member.

Would it fit if I had the ESP traction bar setup?

Not true..it won't work in the stock location(as entended by esp.net)..but..simply move the bracket up..and ull see that the bolt that goes directly behind the alternator(the lower one) now lines up with a another hole on the block..that sits parallel to the one your suppost to use..I believe its still an ac bracket hole..I don't remember..now ur left with 1 problem..


A. Redrill the esp bracket for two new bolt (power steering bolt holes). Or

B. Use a piece of 1/2" aluminum to take up the space that now u have between bracket and block.and thus allow you to use the stock holes made by esp

This is really confusing if u don't have the bracket/block infront of you..

Seriously..it does work..ill post the pics from the members ride later.

edit: here are the pics i have.. not the best angle but you get the idea

if you look between both up-pipes you can see the bolt hole on the esp bracket..and the actual threaded bolt hole on the block.. see how its off? the angle makes it appear as if its lower.. but it isnt.. its clearly in the way of the esp bracket to the point were you dont see it(the bolt hole on the block) unless you look at an angle. so a simple redrill.. bolt/coupling spacer and wam bam thank you m'am

here you see how the alternator sits.. not as low as if the ESP was in its enteded location.. but if we can clear that mammoth of a turbo.. i couldnt see why a t3/t4 or variant would be a problem..

lastly.. heres a pic of that bolt that doesnt require any drilling when the bracket is moved up..

bracket moved up... bottom bolt = now in place of top bolt
NOTE:this is ESPs picture of were the bracket is suppost to go.. not were i have it.. im using ESPs picture to show you what bolt lines up perfectly without any modification.. do to the top bolt that goes through the alternator. you cant see the other bolt... that bolts to the block..but its there..

john get ahold of me if you need the offsets from your bolt holes to the ones on the block im trying to use.. maybe we get some f22a block/stock c-member specific relocator kits..

Praise The Lowered...

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Can you guys make a 2 alt bracket for my accord? I need two alts in my car I do DB drag so I need the extra alt.... I'm in WA if you need to test fit. Let me know thanks!
My 90 coupe Mr thread....
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Hey guys, been busy at work for some time sorry if I haven't been on for a while as always can reach us quicker at ExplicitSpeed360@aol.com or Call Us. Hope all you CB/CD tuners are doing well! -John
Explicit Speed Performance
Custom Engineering and Fabrication
Motor Mount Kits, Traction Bar Systems, Solid 2/3/4 Pt Strut Bars, F22/H22/H23 Alternator/Tensioner Kits and much more...
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I've had this for about 3-4 years and I finally decided to install it this weekend.

Lower H or D series Alternator Kit, but I used the f22 alternator on my f22a6.

You'll need a 5 rib 32" long belt.
(Dayco Poly Rib Serpentine Belt #5050320

FYI - the last 3 digits tell you how long the belt is and there will be a 5 or 5k in the product number indicating how many ribs. So 320 = 32.0" and the 5 or 5k = 5 ribs. I believe almost all belt manufacturers follow these numbering sets in one way or another

Also, in my case the ESP supplied lower adjusting bolt could not go though the alternator bolt hole. Easy fix with a large drill bit. I just needed to remove about .5mm of material off the alternator for the bolt to fit through. This may not be your experience.

Lastly, you'll need to tuck the harness under the PS bracket for it to reach the alternator (see images).


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