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lightly Scratched crankshaft

So I over reved my h22 and spun a connecting rod bearing and now I'm on my way to replacing the bearings and I found a few scratches on the crankshaft, is there any solution to removing them myself, I was thinking of some very fine sand paper any ideas?
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I'm pretty sure you don't want to do that, or at least do research before doing it, as often it is only surface hardened plus when you take away material to smooth it you are increasing the bearing clearances. And you'd really need super fine grit polishing compound to properly smooth the bearing surfaces. But I'm not an expert, those are just some things I seem to recall reading and are worth being aware of.

Buying a new crankshaft might be a better idea and a more time-efficient (lasting) route to take. I don't think the stock crankshaft is too expensive, though I could be wrong.

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even if you did it yourself, you dont know if it is still round or not unless you have a micrometer to check it.
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Ignoring the possibility of a scratch being a stress riser that may in time become a crack, it should be OK to use the crank so long as the scratch is only an indentation with no protruding metal. Any protrusions should be carefully removed. The journal should be checked for roundness and conicity.

This does assume that the scratch is only a fairly minor imperfection and not a major gouge...
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