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H22 auto tranny

I did an h22 swap n my transmissions keep going what's a strong tranny I can use wit the auto swap please let me know asap how much n where I can get it
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5 speed swap.

Slamage is worth the Damage

Originally Posted by crazymikey View Post
"Yes, we did officer. By the way, your eyes look a little glazed, did you just come from the donut shop?"
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Make sure you fill your transmission fluid correctly as follows:

From what I was told, pour in 2 and 1/2 quart, raise the car, turn on car, let sit 30 second in park, then 30 second in reverse, then 30 second in neutral, the 30 second in d4, 30 second in d3, 30 second in 2, then 30 second in 1. And repeat the process up shifting. Then once you get to park, shut the car off, lower the car, check tranny dipstick and refill as necessary until you are at the top level on the dipstick.

Long process, but it will guarantee that you have sufficient fluid in your transmission case and torque convertor.

Btw, let the wheel spin freely when you are shifting. And stop the wheel completely before going into reverse or park from drive or from reverse to drive.

Shifting allows the fluid to travel through all the solenoids on the tranny.

Hope that helps buddy. Don't forget to add to my reputation.


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yeah I never had an issue with my MP1A Auto LSD transmission. I think they can be had for like 350 online...pretty cheap. AND they're low mileage too.

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