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1992 wagon, need transmission help.

New to the forum, and have searched for hours but cant seem to find anything related to my issue.

I have a 1992 accord wagon, EX trim, and its having transmission troubles. Its an auto trans, and I don't know enough about it to know where to look next.

The issue: on cold start up, it shifts just fine into and out of any gear, and will drive for a short while (about 5 minutes) but then it acts as if it was in neutral no matter where the gear selector is. if I shut off the engine and restart it, it will continue not going into gear. If I shut it off for about an hour, It will go into gear fine for about 5 minutes again.

I have checked fuses, replaced both sets of solenoids with ones that work, replaced the TCU, and changed out the fluid. When I drained the old fluid out, It was a dark, cloudy purple color, didn't smell burnt but didn't look right either.

I have checked for any codes as well, but my D4 light doesn't stay on, and when I jumper the test connection it doesn't flash any codes. same with the CEL.

I am at a loss as to what my next move is, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. if I need to post more details or any questions, please ask.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can chime in.
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fleetw00d is very helpful fleetw00d is very helpful
How many miles? How much debris was on the magnetic drain plug? How many times did you drain/refill it? If you only drained and filled it once, you only changed about 42% of the fluid. You would need to drain and refill two more times (with a little driving in between) to have about 80% new fluid. Use Honda fluid.
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the car has 290K on it. the drain plug was very clean, surprisingly, given the state the fluid was in. I drained and refilled 4 times to be on the safe side since 3 was recommended, and since I couldn't drive between each change I shifted through the gears and let things warm up before draining.
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Sounds like debris clogging up, and then settling when you let it sit.
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