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EXT: Side Mirrors

this job is fairly simple, but i Dont have any pictures. You will only need a phillips skrew driver, either needle nose NON GRIP plyers (i used jewelry angle plyers) and maybe some black tape.

First thing is under the side mirror about in the middle is a hidden phillips skrew. (I think it's a #2, cause #3 didn't fit) Both the mirrors i did had lock tight on the skrews (or maybe rust) so be careful NOT to stip that thing. This will make it so that the mirror can come out. it will dangle by the wire which is no big deal. Next I would move the mirror as far down and to the right as possible with the controls. Then flip the mirror over and in the middle of the mirror you will see a tab with a pin in it, take that little pit out. I dont know if this hurts it or not but i just pulled and it came out. Now on the motor 2 boots will stay on their you'll want to take those off, but they are like welded to a piece of plastic so DONT RIP the BOOT just pop off the plastic part it's attached too. I did it with my hands and it's not that hard. Put those 2 boots on the new mirror and thread the new mirror on by firmly pressing the mirror and using the up and left controls (one at a time) to get it started. Once you get it started clip in the 2 boots. Now the hardest part of the WHOLE project..

I had to have 2 plyers to do this i pulled the tab up as far as i could (since i had angled plyers I used it like a pry bar) then with the other plyers i put the pin in and let go.

Now put the phillps skrew back in a few threads so that the mirror holder thing doesn't go no were and is still movable so you can slide the mirror into place. Do that then tighten up the skrew.

now move the mirror in all 4 extremes then set it were you want it.

The next order of the 2 steps are debatable but mine were drive the car a small distance to make sure it was right hten grab me a cold one. That's it. Just be patient and careful and it will look good.
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