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F22AX block with H Internals & Head

Good Morning,

I am not really finding the answer I want online when I've searched.

Basically my question is can it or has it been done below:

I want to rebuild a H just using a F block with H Head, rods, pistons, and crank, just a stock H with F block.

I read that the F block would have to be bored 87mm over, but haven't found a clear answer to if it's been done successfully?

I know it sounds stupid, but here in KC, I've called every where and no one works with FRM. Machine work for FRM is all sent off to Florida or California, and I don't really want to spend that money. Almost 10 years back I was quoted $500 plus. If it's impossible just shoot me a straight answer.

Thank you guys!
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I would recommend you get on one of the H-series Facebook threads and find someone selling their sleeved block. Better yet, find someone selling a fully built bottom end with pistons and rods as well. With so many people ditching the H22 platform to go K-series for AWD, there are lots of deals out there.

I say this as it's going to be much more cost-effective than you trying to do it the way you're mentioning in the post. For starters, you'd need an F23A block if you wanted an iron block with the ability to be bored to 87mm. Let's say you get a junkyard block and have it bored out. That's $150 for the bottom end, and about $150 for the boring, cleaning and checking...at minimum. Your cylinders will now be the right size, but as they were open deck in the first place, and you've just taken material out of their strongest section, your insurance against a high horsepower build just decreased a little bit.

On top of this, you'd still have all the normal junk involved in these cobbled-together swaps with water pump gear swapping, and hacking up two rear water pipes to make one.

Buy a block already sleeved. On the secondhand market, they can be had for less than $1000.
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