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Our automatics are not very performance oriented. They also don't like abuse... so neutral drops WILL kill it fairly quickly. If it has held up for 2 years, then you probably had one of the rare transmissions that was properly cared for, and actually had quite a bit of life left (most experience problems by 150k due to improper maintenance). Good job. You trashed a rare good transmission. Chances are, you have about 6 more months of your current use of it, at best... before a neutral drop causes the inside of the transmission to grenade.

Most performance cars today have automatics (such as the new Lexus IS-F), or automated manuals (Ferrari, Porsche, Nissan GT-R).
The thing is, most automatics aren't made for performance. A regular car such as the Accord is not designed with the racer in mind. A manual transmission can be used either way, because you have control of the shift points (the only non-performance oriented thing there is the gearing). An automatic can only do what the factory intended, until you mess with the internals and electronic shift points.

When you want to launch your car, do it with one foot on the brake, with the car in D4. Do not drop it from neutral. Do not shift it manually. You will have the best results this way.
As for the RPM, you'll need to figure that out on your own. The surface you are launching on is a factor. Drag strips have "sticky" launch areas, whereas you'll spin more easily on the street. You want to launch at the highest RPM you can without wheelspin. (keep in mind, even this is hard on the transmission). Your tires will determine how high you can rev. "Regular tires" and "regular tire pressure" mean nothing. Learn about tires. Learn what compound your tires are. I've found that optimum tire pressure for a launch with a standard tire size is about 28psi (the normal pressure is about 32psi). You don't want to let too much air out with a radial tire, because the contact patch will buckle, and you'll be getting traction on your sidewalls... which means you won't be getting traction!

Do yourself a favor. If you're going to continue abusing your automatic transmission, replace the fluid with Red Line synthetic fluid, and add another transmission fluid cooler.

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Originally Posted by evil_demon_01 View Post
Then why do Drag race cars use autos?
Because an auto changes gear faster than a human, thats why.

The reason autos are usually slower than 5 speed is exactly that - most autos are 4 speed.
my auto gears are really long, especially 3rd...hmmm too long

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Spinning tires is not fast and netural dropping it is not good and I can't belive anyone with any sense thinks this is OK...LOL.....Wow...I wish I see one of my friends do this so I could slap um
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drummersteve7 seems to have made some friends!
those autos are mostly muscle cars. the word of the day is torque there.
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Originally Posted by WhiteGhost View Post
Spinning tires is not fast and netural dropping it is not good and I can't belive anyone with any sense thinks this is OK...LOL.....Wow...I wish I see one of my friends do this so I could slap um
Unfortunately I have seen way too many friends do this I just shake my head knowing that they have no idea what it is to actually work for their car. If they break it mommy and daddy will just buy them another one.
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Originally Posted by iamdoby4life View Post
i have a 1990 Cb7 stock just with bolt-on's
what is the best RPM to launch it at?
anyone? ive launched it 5,500rpm and it does wheel spin alot so i know its not that... i dont want to waste my tires trying to find out so someone can you please help me?
you my friend need to stop doing this NOW!!!!
i don't even drop my clutch at that rpm what are you thinking. 3k is about the highest you need to go maybe bring it up to 4k
like deev said since you have been doing this for so long you probably ruined or are ruining one of the good tranny's that is still on the road
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hand grenade and youve already pulled the pin...... now we step back and wait.

neutral drops FTL.

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Tippey764 is very helpful Tippey764 is very helpful Tippey764 is very helpful
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hurr durrr i drive an automatic commuter car and think its fast so i drive it like an idiot.
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Ugh thank guys I'm not the only one that thinks pushing an automatic stock accord or car is not a smart idea.

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accord , cb7 , launch , rpm , speed

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