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H22a Engine Swap..issues

OK so recently got my hands on a pretty decent cb7 with what looks to be an amateurish h22a engine swap. its a 92 sedan, engine light goes on and off as it feels as well as the indicator lights...vtec doesn't work nor does the speedo, I have a lot of hope for this car...my first cb7 so was wondering if anyone would be of assistance
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GhostAccord seems to have made some friends! GhostAccord seems to have made some friends!
So... where to start...

Why do so many people come to the forums after buying some cheap asses failed H22 swap? Why wouldn't you search around the internet before hand and see what you should be looking for? A CB with a running swap would be a good start. I don't care how good a deal you got on this... Question is. Will it be worth the headache and extra price of trying to find where this guy f#@ked up a very simple and straight forward swap.

Now you expect someone online to help after giving very little to no information on what has been done to your car. What year engine, what ECU, how badly has the electrical been hacked.....

I bid you the best of luck trying to figure out a build that someone else has obviously given up on!
MR Thread
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well that may be true, but how else would one learn. Thus I have searched the net, but would like an opinion...whether a project was given up or completed, cars are made to express people....all I asked for was an opinion as to the issue I have
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Tishock is someone to admire Tishock is someone to admire Tishock is someone to admire
The older more experienced members get tired of the same old questions being asked by users prior to seriously making the effort to find the information yourself. No one here wants to spoonfeed users. But they are willing to help users who make the effort to ask informed questions.

1) You need to give us a lot more data to start with.
2) Ask more focused questions.
3) Tell us what diagnostics have you performed to fix your issues.

Taking on someone else's project can be a daunting task. You really have no idea what the person before you did right and what they did wrong. So with that said, you need to gather as much data about your project before moving forward blindly.

Compression test, leak down test, block test, voltage test, oil pressure test, fuel pressure test and many others that can be found in your service manual. Below is a manual for a Prelude which covers the h22 that you should have handy.


Below are some stickys you should take a look at that cover diagnostic and the h22 swap.

H22 SWAP: The Complete Parts List

Swap FAQ: (Read Prior to Posting!)

Dianostic checks

ENG: Diagnose a Check Engine Light and S/D4 errors.

Again people here welcome questions. But most members will not make the effort to help someone who unwilling to do some of the work.

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Cb7_Nico is cool... so far.
I appreciate tishock I will get back on this with that I have discovered, I understand what your saying but some threads don't always provide an answer if you know what I mean
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Tishock is someone to admire Tishock is someone to admire Tishock is someone to admire
No problem. And yes many threads may not cover the info you need but you'll be surprised what is available if you search. Maybe avoid using the weak cb7tuner search feature and use google instead to search cb7tuner.

Type the following first then your search term. In this case I'm searching for h22 only on cb7tuner.com and add more text to be more specific.
site:cb7tuner.com h22

There are many more searching features that can make it easier and faster to search any site. Look up searching tips on google help site.

I would also suggest you really treat this like a project. Meaning organize and log your data in a spreadsheet or notepad. When taking on a project like this information is key. Don’t make the assumption that you’re going to remember every little detail of your project from the very first day you got the car.

Like in the manual, break it down by sections

General info
Cooling…. And so on.

Log the parts that were replaced, what was it replaced with, what was the mileage when replaced and the reason for replacing. Parts #’s are helpful and whether new OEM, used OEM or aftermarket parts were used. Even down to the lubricants used and torque specs. I don’t believe you can have too much data.

Also there are just some things that you may not have the skills or resources to correct yourself. This info can be very helpful to a mechanic or knowledgeable friend or members here on cb7tuner when diagnosing your issues in the future.

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Exclamation F22 to H22 swap issues

Hey guys i understand what your saying about noobs but i need help that i cant find . i recently bought a h22 engine and got everything fitted so far but i stumbled across a couple problems , 1 can i use my f22 throttle body accelerator cable on my h22 throttle body , how can i make it work ? 2 my f22 distrubutor fits on the h22 block but its a bit different it seems as though the wiring isnt matching on the harness an im a bit confused
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First you should start your own thread. Secondly if you had read the above posts and clicked on the links, I'm sure the H22 Complete Swap link has the answers you need. Again follow Tishock's advice, document everything you do. Also you should read as much as you possibly can about the swap and parts needed. Not just the link above, but do some searching on Google, like suggested above. Most likely all of your questions have been answered somewhere on this forum previously.

Honestly with the plethora of information on this site, I'm not sure why all that many questions are asked anymore. I did a complete F22B DOHC and converted all of the ODBII stuff to work with my OBDI wiring (Injectors, Distributor, Alternator, Map sensor). All just using Google to search the forums. Sometimes a thread will only have a tiny piece of the information you need. So you end up piecing together 6-7 threads to find the one answer you've been looking for. I've had to do this many times myself, and it can seem like a pain.

Sorry if this came across like I'm an ass! I'm not trying to honestly, just searching is very helpful, and not just for things related to the car.
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Trying to fix someone else's shoddy work is the hardest thing.

If the engine itself checks out mechanically then check the wiring connectors and swap parts. A lot of people use terrible practices when doing electrical work and intermittent problems are a result. Check the ECU plugs have been modified correctly.
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engine swap , h22a

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