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CyborgGT is cool... so far.
DIY Index: Suspension, Chassis, & Brakes

If you would like to add a DIY to the index, please post a link in here and I'll get it up as soon as possible.

Large Threaded Hole, Fix Damaged Threads, DIY Tap

Brakes: Maintenance
Troubleshooting The Brake System
diagnosis ABS light
ABS Pump Repair
ABS Brake System Flush w/o specialized tools
Abs Bleeding
Replacing The Brake Master Cylinder
Master Cylinder Install and Bench Bleed VIDEO
Front caliper rebuild
Front brake disc hardware
Sticky caliper DIY
Replacing Brake Pads!!
Front Brake Rotor Removal and Replacement VIDEO!
Rotor/Bearing removal
Proper Way To Replace Front Rotor or Wheel Bearing
Taking that POS rotor off
Replacing front rotors (Quick/Dirty Way)
Changing Front Brake Rotors (Quick/Dirty Way)
Front Brake rotor replacement
Replacing them PRESSED ON ROTORS!!!
Rear brake drum shoes replacement for most Civic and Accord
Rear Drum Brake Shoe Replacement
Replacing Rear Rotors w/ Pads

Brakes: Modification
ABS removal
4040 proportioning valve
ROH Conversion with 282mm rotors
Caliper painting (pics)
Custom Caliper/Drum Paint
Convert a rear disc spindle to drum car
rear disc conversion

Chassis: Maintenance
front end alignment
Camber Measure and Rear Washer Trick
Front upper control arm bushings
Upper Control Arm/Ball Joint Replacement
Upper control arm replacement (pics!)
Taking apart the ball joint-The easy tool-less way
Front Lower Ball-joint Replacement
Lower Balljoint DIY Video!
Bushing Removal
Rear Lower Strut Mount Bushing removal
replaceing lower rear strut bushings
Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing Installation
Replacing Front Wheel Studs

Chassis: Modification
rear spindle bushings with a energy suspension bushings
Prothane Bushing Kit - rear lower control arms
Making Urethane Bushings
All Camber Kit info
Camber Kit Repair
Installing front SPC Balljoint camber kit
Spc Camber Kit Install With Pics
Installing Camber Kit
Front Camber Kit Install
Wheel well mod for tire tuckers
Front Upper Strut Bar Install
Fender braces
Rear Strutbar Install
Rear Upper Strut Bar
Rear Upper Strut Bar
extended wheel stud install (off the car)
5-lug conversion (the all-prelude way)
5 lug conversion 6th Gen Accord
Front 5-lug Conversion
Rear 5-Lug Conversion

Steering: Maintenance
Rack and Pinion
Power Steering Gearbox (Rack and Pinion) Rebuild
Outer tie rod end replacement (pics)
Tie rod install/ Removal
CV Axles
Axle removal amd installation videos
CV joint/Axle Replacement
Replacing CV Boots

Steering: Modification
Manual rack

Suspension: Maintenance
Accord CB7 & CD5 Shock and Spring Install and Tutorial Video
Honda Accord Front Suspension Removal
92 cb9 strut assembly install
Suspension Install
Tire pressure
Checking tire age
Change a tire

Suspension: Modification
Lowering springs installation / shocks replacement
Coilover Installation
Front Sway Endlink replacement
Cross Member & Rear Sway Swap
Rear cross member swap / Rear sway bar install
Progress Rear sway bar install
Poly end links
Greasable sway bar bushing install

Project CB9 AeroR start-up: //////////
Slowly but surely... and gunning for that NA list!

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fleetw00d is very helpful fleetw00d is very helpful
Another simple one for the "General" category.

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