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Remote Recovery of Freon?

The AC system in the 92 EX my daughter wrecked is still intact. Is there an environmentally friendly way to recover the Freon, not necessarily for reuse, but just to avoid simply venting it?

The car is in no condition to get it to a shop.
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They are called refrigerant Recovery Bags
they haven't been used in years but they have charcoal in them and it reacts with the refrigerant
I am a epa certified section 608 tech and the epa rules are stupid. Systems are allowed to leak more then your car holds every year but you cant let any of your refrigerant out.
R 134a has zero ozone depletion potential but it still has a global warming potential because green house gas. 134a is a hfc or hydrochlorofluorocarbon

r12 was a Chlorofluorocarbon or a cfc and it has chlorine. the chlorine in cfc refrigerants wouldn't rain out of the atmosphere like natural chlorine and so it kills the ozone

if that makes you feel any better it wont hurt the ozone, its just another greenhouse gas like c02
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