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DIY Index: Exterior

If you would like to add a DIY to the index, please post a link in here and I'll get it up as soon as possible. Otherwise I'll get it when I do random periodic checks for new threads.

Body: Maintenance
Hood Bra Maintenance
Polish Windshield to Remove Wiper Marks
Glass polishing
paint and powdercoat polishing
Inexpensive Detailing
Cleaning Small parts
Engine shampoo

Front Bumper Removal
bumper removal
removing headlights/bumper
removing/ replacing radiator core support
Re-wiring Hood latch Cable (inside car)
How to fix "A-pillar" gap
Side Mirrors
door replacement
Replacing Front Lower Door Hinge without Removing Fender
Fixing Noisy/Loose Windows
Greasing a lock
Removing Chrome Trim around windows
Replacing Sunroof ( GLASS ONLY !! )
Removing wheel well trim (and trim adhesive )
Installing antenna gasket
Removing the Tailgate on a CB9 wagon
Step by step trunk key swap

Painting Your Windshield Wiper Arms
polishing the stainless steel window trim
Restore Trim Without paint!
paint your door and bumper moldings
Painting sideskirts/mudflaps/bumper moldings
Painting Trim

Minor scratch removal/repair
Fixed scratches on back bumper
The Rust Removal DIY
Welding (after a $4000 acident)
paint thread
Stripping Paint / Powdercoating
prepping and priming
Paint your car: Stage 1 Prep
Paint your car: Stage 2 Prep for Paint
Paint your car: Stage 3 Paint
Painting Tips: sanding / primer / paint

Body: Modification
Vinyl sticker/decal install

Grill 9091
Accord grill hack
Custom Front Grill
Custom Front Grill v. II (blacked out)
DIY Grill
New Type of front grill
Another Grille
92-93 Floating Accord Grill DIY**ONE OFF**
"Floating" Grill Badge DIY
mini accord emblem in grill
BLACK GRILL (the cheap way to get a nice black aftermarket looking grill)
Mesh grill
Custom mesh grill- my way!
Painting your Stock Grill emblem any color
Painted Emblem DIY
DE-Chroming / Painting Emblems
Front/Rear Emblem Mod
Secured Emblem on Mesh (not 3m tape)
.: Custom Grille Retrofit (Accord Emblem) by cvc7chris ::. Big Pictures inside!!
90-91 DIY "G-SQUARE" usable with 92-93 lights

Front Lip
Front Lip #2
Mugen lip Install (all 5th gen. lips)
Type-R Lip Install

Tag Insert Install
Front License Plate Relocation
Diy hood bra
"T" square Eyelids
custom eye lids
headlight eyebrows
Hood Pins Installation
hood props
Home made hood spacers
Hood Stand-off
How To Make a Custom Hood/Scoop
Make Your Own Grommet ( Plug )
Shaved Hood Squirters
windshield washer nozzle tubing mod
better vision/wiper blade switcheroo!
Mercedes-Style Wipers (single wiper)
Spray-on lense tinting
Custom Tinted Lenses

installing OEM window visors
Spoon Mirror Retrofit
Spoon Mirror Retrofit Version 2
Door Handle Conversion
Shaved Door Handles
Pinstripe Removal w/o Razor blades
Auto cross numbers
HoA Badge Install
The Roof Spoiler DIY
De-Chroming exterior side moldings
Chrome DIY JDM Side Skirt Replicas
Custom Brake Painting

OEM Spoiler Install *pics*
Custom Rear Spoiler
Rear Wiper Delete
Shaving your Antenna
universal trunk (fits 90-91 AND 92-93 tail lights)
Swapping trunk lids - and retaining a working key
flip flop trunk
Red Honda Emblem for cheap
Removing Gold Plating from Emblems
D.I.Y rear lip

The Honda Parts Bin
CD5 accord front lip install WITH PIX!
Legend lip install.... 56k be warned!!!
94-97 Legend lip install
Extending Legend Sedan Lip (Gap solution)
extend lip for wagon
6th gen Civic lip on a CB7
Heated mirror glass install
CD5 side skirts over CB7 oem sides
OEM 5th Gen side skirts on a 4th gen
extending sideskirts to fit our cars('97 civic example)
Upgrading Wiper blades from newer Hondas
cb9 wagon rear wiper upgrade
stock rear wing from accord
Spoiler/Tail (Prelude - non-flushmount)
CD5 rear lip
Entire CD5 Rear Lip Installation Fully Covered *56K DIE!*

Other Make
BMW Flushmount (56k? idk)

Lighting & Electrical: Maintenance
Where is ______? (locations of sensors, relays, switches, etc)
Toothpaste Headlight Restoration
Plastic headlight polishing
JDM headlight restoration and chrome trim fix
JDM One-Piece Headlight Lens Repair
Opening JDM FOGS (90-91)
Wiper motor linkage rods replacement
Fog Light Lens Removal
how to avoid water buildup in your taillights
Power Antenna Removal
How To Replace The Antenna Mast
Replacing Power Antenna Mast

Lighting & Electrical: Modification
4 way flash when arming alarm
HELLA air horns
Tilt Sun Roof part 1
JDM Power folding mirror install w/diagram
Power-folding mirrors with ALPS Korea switch (no relay needed)

Complete JDM Headlight Install
Color Low Beam
1 of a kind HALO PROJECT
Custom Angel Eye Headlights
Bumper Removal and Projector Install
Homemade Projectors For The Broke
HID's from $65 HID kits

A Complete USDM Black Housing DIY W/ PICS!!! (56K Be Warned!!!)
90-93 Accord JDM Black Housing How-To
Custom black housing headlights
Lazy Black housing lights
Blackout headlights + install
Blackhoused Headlights

A Complete Blacked-Out Corner DIY w/ pics (56K be warned!!!)
Corner lens blackout
Blackhousing Corner Lenses
Complete Amber corners w/ Reflectors 92-93 accord
DIY 90-93 JDM Corner Lights
black housed amber corners and bumper lights
opening & blackhousing edm corner lights
Making your own Corner lights! (Clear, Amber, & Black) PIX!

DIY Amber bumper lights
1990/1991 Amber Bumper Lights
A Complete Black Housed Bumper Marker DIY w/ PICS!!!
Si-T Bumper lights
Bumper lights as markers
Alt. Bumper Light marker
Bumper DRL's
Led Drl
Bumper Light conversion (always ON)
NO Melt aftermarket bumper lights

OEM Fog Light installation (USDM 9293, others similar)
92-93 OEM foglight installation .PDF + Template cutout
Stanley Yellow Fog Caps
Fog and driving lights

Upper Window 3rd Break Light
Home Made STUBBY Antenna 4 Less then $10.00
Not getting your antenna ripped off in a carwash DYI
9293 Red/Clear Tail Finishing Touches
mod your tailights
Converting Stock Tails to Red Clear Tails
Custom Red/Clears
Spray-on Ruby Red Tails
Testors red tail lights
All-red Taillights
Add an OEM look to your Ebay Red/Clear Tails
ALTEZZA look alike....(kind of)

The Honda Parts Bin
TSX projector Retrofit in USDM housings
TSX projectors retrofitted into 90-91 jdm one piece housings ***56K NO WAY
TSX Retrofit in Ebay Housing
94-97 Integra Fog Light Retrofit
SideMarkers***No Cutting Required***
S2000 antenna install
S2k Antenna Install W/ Pictures
*Wagon* Rear Sidemarker Lights
Rear Fog Install / Rear Bumper Removal

Rim Polishing
OEM wheel buffing/cleaning
Painting stock accord alloys
Wheel Caps

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Tilt Sun Roof Part 1 links to Spoon Mirror Retrofit Version 2
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CyborgGT seems to have made some friends!
Fixed, thanks. Must have screwed up when I did a last minute change in organization.
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fleetw00d is very helpful fleetw00d is very helpful
Here's one for replacing the lower front door hinge without removing the fender:

90 LX 4dr 5 spd 385,000 - MRT: http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=201450
07 Element EX AWD 192,000 - MRT: http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=210623
07 Element EX AWD AT (2) 87,000 - MRT: www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=211920

Come and get it.
http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=192583 or watch for banner ad at upper right
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