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Center armrest / emergency brake

So I recently aquired a 9091 high rise center armrest/console to install into my 9293. Before
I start taking my car apart to install it, I figure I'd ask a few questions here.

My biggest question is regarding the e-brake. Can I just swing by the junkyard, grab a 9091 handle and bracket and bolt it in, or are the holes/cables in different locations between the years?

Second question is, how is the whole center console supposed to be installed properly? The first time I took mine apart, the screws joining the front and back halfs posed a pretty big problem for me. Because of that, for the past 10 or so years, the halves have never been bolted back together the right way. Also, a bracket came with it that I've never seen before so I'm not sure where that will go. Looks like a support for the forward portion of the rear half.
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I also have issues with installing/removing the 92-93 console as one piece. The only way that I have been able to do it with the unit assembled, is to adjust the parking brake cables to allow more travel at the parking brake lever and then readjust the cables after the unit is in place. PITA really.

The "U" bracket does support the front of the armrest, it is accessed through the button holes.

You will need the parking brake lever from a 90-91 if I recall correctly, the mounting bracket is different between the 2 parts.
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Mike1357 is cool... so far.
That would really suck if that's the only way to properly get it in and out. Thank you for the info though. I may just have to use your method out of necessity.
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The 90-93 Accord e-brake handle is the same in all 4 years. Where it mounts and what covers it is different. 90-91 have the e-brake center mounted. Where as the 92-93 are mostly offset to the right. Only SE, DX and some wagon models remained the centered e-brake setup for 92-93.
First you would need to center your e-brake unless you have one of the fore mentioned models. Then I would suggest the 90-91 e-brake cover & mounting hardware to fit under the 90-91 optional console. Idk if 92-93 Accords have threaded mounting holes for the earlier console. You got some custom work ahead of you. Good luck.
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