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Engine swap question and general info request!

Hello! I recently bought a 1991 Accord (Ex, I think?) wagon, and it's in damn near perfect condition. One owner from 1991 all the way to 2018, then I bought it this week.

I know literally NOTHING about cars, so please keep that in mind when writing answers!

I wasn't planning on doing anything other than a sound upgrade (don't need help there though), but since driving it I've really fallen in love with the feel of the car. I watched a 92 Accord project on YouTube* and it inspired me to do some research and hopefully supe up my own over the next few years.

So, I've done a bit of research on engine swaps, and I think that's the first mechanical upgrade I want to do (if this is incorrect pls tell me). I've read that the H22 is a great and easy swap, but that the k20a2 is also an incredible swap. Will that engine fit in my car?

Also what else should I do to it? I've read that the 4th gens need exhaust work to help the engine out, and that an LSD tranny and upgraded suspension helps a ton. How would I go about those and anything else? Any resources you can point out or helpful info you can give?

Thank you in advance!

* here's the YouTube video that started me on this quest:
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Hi. This all depends what you want for your car.

More HP/Torque? Then yes, the H22 is the most direct / easy swap you can do for the car. Get a OBD1 H22 to keep the swap simple and will help as the wagons weigh a lot. Upgraded suspension and bushings will help a lot too. And general maintenance to help reduce rolling resistance.

Exhaust naa, don't bother. The LSD tranny, don't bother with that either. Suspension always helps of course. But the best rule here is to not cheap out on suspension, brakes, or bushings. IE: cheap suspension can make the car worse.
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Welcome! Congratulations on your purchase. Pictures of your car are always appreciated. If you plan to keep the car, the best tool you can own is a Honda service manual. Second best resource is this site, make use of the search feature and DIY sections for probably most of the information you would need for engine swaps and suspension upgrades. Use quality parts for any upgrade; your life, and others, depend on it.

How many miles on it? The first thing(s) you should do is to make sure all normal maintenance items are up to date. If you don't have evidence that fluids have been changed recently - change them. That includes oil, transmission fluid (whether manual or auto - use Honda fluid), power steering, and brake fluid. If you don't know the age of the timing belts, install new belts along with a water pump, crank seal, cam seal, and balance shaft seal (including the retainer kit). Check for oil in the spark plug holes; if you do a timing belt, this is a good opportunity to replace the plug wells seals also.
Check the condition of all the hoses, particularly the heater hoses and those on the back of the head under the intake manifold/plenum. Check all the suspension components for loose ball joints, torn bushings, broken front springs (bottom coil toward the inside is common), etc. - replace them. Check the brake system for leaks, amount of pad/shoe remaining, condition of rotors/drums, etc. Repair as necessary.

The stock exhaust is fine for a stock engine. If it is in reasonable condition, leave it until you get all of the above taken care of.

The H22 bolts in similar to a F22; the K20 is believe has the transmission on the other end and is therefore much more complicated. Take your time to research potential swaps.

Ultimately, what you do with the car is up to you depending on how you intend to use it. We're here to help.
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