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am i losing my transmission

so i noticed the car get really bad MPG and for some reason it feel idk heavyish like sluggish i chalked it up to the feeling of a stock car but today on my way home i was at a red and when it went green i put my foot on the gas and it went but after a sec my pedal stopped correlating with speed i removed my foot in shock and re played the gas again and i felt the car propel forward, i just replaced my ICM and for a sec i was like "no fucking way" but when i went to test it i when wot on an empty street by my house and watched it. once again the car felt like heavy and the amount of throttle i was giving it didn't correlate with my speed or rpm's and when i felt the car shift into second and the rpm's jumped high as if i was at the end of second gear, i have no idea what to blame i no idea what steps to take.
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You should type that all again, but not from a cell phone. & check your tranny fluid.
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Either trans fluid is low, indicating a leak somewhere, OR the torque converter is takin a crap on you, im assuming it's an auto.
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