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H22A5 swap electrical questions

Hello everyone,
So I broke my f20 engine on my CD7, and the cheapest "repair" was to buy an h22A5 engine and swap it in... The problem is that the h22a5 engine is an obd2 and my electrical instalation on the accord is obd1. Okay no problem rewire the distributor and the alternator and everything works. But my car had many engine swaps and some, and the engine harness is very bad and I got to the point that I do not want to use it any more. The h22a5 engine have it's harness and I want to use it in the accord, but the plugs for the engine harness on the car are different and cant be just plugged in so I need to rewire everything.
The idea is to use h22a5 with it's engine harness on my accord with my P28 ECU and not to use the obd2 P5M Ecu with imobilaizer. I cannot find any schematic of the pin output of the harness to compare and rewire them correctly to the car does someone have this information? And do I need to use the resistor box for the h22a5 injectors ?
P.S I'm sorry if my english is not so good but I'm from far away...
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I have a prelude with the P5M ecu. The easiest thing to do is to buy an OBD2 to OBD1 conversion harness and simply plug it in.

2. Find the service manual for both cars at shweet.org They should have the ECU pinouts.

3. If you can solder, but most importantly de-solder. You can use the P5M ecu with an immobilizer delete chip. (I'm doing this currently with the Lude)

H22a5 shouldn't need the resistor box. I'm assuming that it is very similar to the H22a4.

Your English is excellent!
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I don't want to use the P5M ecu, or my engine harness. Guess I'll have to "beep" every cable for continuity with the multimeter to find where it goes and for what it is, and rewire the cables in the engine bay. My engine has damaged cables and it will do me no good to use them further more that is why I don't just use the ob2 to ob1 conversion harness on the ecu.
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Hmmm.. Ya. You're right. You either are replacing the whole harness which is simply gutting the car. OR tracing/toning/ each wire. But you must have some idea of the wires as they are separated. So many on the right vs. left. of the bay and under the dash. Sort out your wires and use the converter as it will be the easiest way. But sounds like you need to sort out the wiring first, not matter if you go OBD1 or OBDII.
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