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Size9zombie is cool... so far.
Borg Warner is a very good brand also, my personal preference just happens to be Garrett and Precision.
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G. Wiffington
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Originally Posted by F22Chris View Post
Or just buy the PLM... I’d buy an eBay brand manifold with an a4 downpipe/2.5” collector before I bought Bisi on principle alone for what happened in the past.

On the off topic, my wife memorized basic parts of a gasoline engine from me drawing it on a napkin while drinking at a bar one night!

Blew my face off with how she’s capable of retaining things I tell her once. One night I was babbling on about the SBC build I was wanting to do, and she was like “yeah the block contains the rotating assembly which is the crank, rods, and pistons - and the head is separate usually with the camshaft, and valvetrain assembly, but the one you’re doing the cam is in the block.”

Needless to say, she got the D that night. And the amount of arguments I’ve won can be counted on my hands xD. If they care about you, they pay attention.

Haha this was awesome to read!
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Crankshaft is cool... so far.
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Isn't he working with Hyundai now? Personally i never bought any of the products because i found it too damn hard to drop that kind of coin specially when the header alone was about the price of a CB. I did see certain forums where he attacked the customers and installers in an effort to defend the products he was selling, i remember one instance where he offered to repair bad welds for an extra 1k plus which to me sounds ridiculous for a header that was already in that price range. Regardless of actions there are always those willing to overlook the faults and defend at any cost, look at people STILL buying VW and opening accounts at WF.
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Don't call me dude.
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VW and WF weren’t as blatantly screwing their customers directly. I’d actually buy a VW more willingly now that they’ve been knocked down a peg or two. They now know they need to work to retain customers!

Bisi was doing something with Hyundai. Not sure if it’s official, or if he’s just embracing another unloved platform to gain another sucker fan base.

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