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Post H22 SWAP: The Complete Parts List

What parts do you need for an H22 Swap? It's not a question that I know how to answer in a sentence or two, but it becomes pretty important to know the answer for those of us trying to swap an H-series into their CB7.

Well, I've done more than a few of these swaps, and started out using a collection of wiring diagrams, incomplete guides and lots of question-and-answer sessions, usually on this forum, to figure out all the details. Maybe this info exists somewhere else for free on this here internet, but I don't know where and I felt the need for it.
Yeah you need the motor and ECU and you should get a timing belt and waterpump, thermostat, etc., but when I take on one of these swaps for someone as a job, I need to give them a parts list that is as complete as possible, since I don't want to keep running back to the store, and I want things to be as reliable as possible...especially since I want my name to stand strongly behind my work.

I know that there are many ways to solve mechanical problems, and that this list can never be 100% complete, but I want it as close as it can get. I highly encourage anyone with any relevant additional info to share it here so that we can all benefit. Also feel free to ask related questions if there's anything you need clarified or that maybe didn't get covered. I am considering adding a section on required tools for those of us who want to try this as a DIY project, but that should go in a swap guide, I think. This thing is big enough already just as a parts list

For my friends here at CB7tuner.com

My parts list for swapping an H22 into a 90-93 Accord, properly and as reliably as possible:


a) OBDI ((91)92-95) H22 complete engine, including;
-Intake Manifold, w/IAB box & solenoid
-Throttle Body
-Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Good Knock, TPS, IAT, VTEC Oil Pressure, MAP (?) Sensors, VTEC Solenoid, EGR, FIT, IAC Valves
-Engine wiring harness, uncut or cut with sensor plugs intact and alternator wiring
-Power Steering pump & bracket (If keeping PS)
-Exhaust manifold & downpipe, OBDI VTEC Prelude
-P13 ECU
-1-5 wires, depending on make, model and technique, will need to be run from the ECU to the VTEC Solenoid, VTEC Oil Pressure Sensor, Knock Sensor and IAB solenoid (exc. EX w/A6) on the new motor
-Don't jam new sensor wires into ECU harness plugs made for pins, so you need an extra pin for each wire added above. Cut an ECU connector and a few inches of wire from any pre-96 OBD1Honda/Acura. This is a junkyard part worth basically nothing to them.
*Optional but preferred; H22 Crankshaft Pulley, Flywheel, Alternator,Starter,
Transmission (LSD if you can find one),(for these, F22,H23 & OBDII H22 parts are ok too)

b) Accord Keeper Parts;
-Front Waterneck & temp sensor, the thing on the head that the upper radiator hose goes to
-Fuel Rail, CB7 or 92-96 US Prelude (If your H22's rail is timing side inlet/JDM)
(Use H22 Fuel Pressure Regulator)
-A/C system, Pump & Bracket (If keeping A/C)
-Alternator & Bracket, or 92+ Prelude
-Engine Wiring Harness
(This will be modified to fit your new engine, note that almost everything reaches on H22 without cutting if you unwrap your harness and reroute/retape it)
-Axles & Intermediate Shaft
-Engine Mounts (Check condition before reinstall)
-Some of the F22 timing parts can be used for the Manual Tensioner Conversion.
-You can keep your Transmission if you want, though a Prelude one would generally be faster, there are many options

d) Keeping Power Steering:
-92-95 H22/H23 Prelude Pump, bracket and hardware, as listed above
-Complete 92-95 DOHC Prelude Power Steering Line, HP side
-discontinued by Honda, available at autoparts stores
-I found one at Advance Auto for $100.99 (I'd swear it was around $80 before) at

-A small amount of tube bending will be required to mate this perfectly to the CB chassis, gradual bends, not crimps!
*OR you could have a custom (longer) line made from your CB7 line and the pump end of the Prelude line, by someone with brazing skills or a hydraulics shop.
Make sure this is done properly since it's a high pressure line, I don't think you can seal it with hose clamps or anything like that. I suggest getting a complete Prelude line.

-F22 Pump and Bracket will fit to H22 after shimming one bracket hole,
but the pump will tend to hit the underside of the hood, at least on the H22,
Prelude parts fit pretty much perfectly, so I don't use or recommend this method


*These parts are necessary to ensure reliability, at least in my opinion.
I would not want to do a swap without replacing this stuff.

a) NEW H22 Parts;
-Timing Belt
-Balance Belt
-Water Pump
-Thermostat & Gasket
-Fuel Injector seals, cushions and O-rings (if switching fuel rail), including FPR O-ring
-PS Line to Pump O-Ring
-Valve Cover Gasket Set w/ Grommets and Spark Plug Tube Seals (Needed after Valve Adjustment)
-Exhaust Gasket, Downpipe to Catalytic Converter
-Spark Plugs
-Oil Filter
-Front Balance Shaft Oil Seal Retainer Kit
(Keeps your balance shaft and seal from popping out)

b) All (H23) Manual Tensioner Conversion Parts.
-some F22 timing parts are reusable here, see posts below

c) NEW Accord Fuel Filter

d) NEW 92-96 Prelude Radiator Hoses and hose from heater core to water pipe
-Your existing Rad hoses MAY reach and be reusable if good
-The above heater hose often won't come off without cutting during engine removal

-5qts 10W-30 Oil
-2qts Honda MTF (for 5-speed)
-2gal Coolant
-Power Steering Fluid for Honda


The H22 Sleeper Sedan, updated 8/14
After 4 months down...It's back! and tucked.
Need a Swap or some work done in the DC/MD/VA/WV area?
PM me and get it done right!

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