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infamouscb9 is cool... so far.
infamouscb9 : 1991 Accord EX-R

1991 Honda Accord Wagon (CB9) EX-R
5 Speed, Sunroof, PW, PL, PM
Currently 347,xxx KM!!! and counting daily

so my friend bought this car, and it suddenly stopped running on him. he sold it to me for $200, not running. well after 18 months with it, i've made a couple of improvements.....i've put 37k km's on it since buying it, and it's been nothing but awesome! i love it!

most recent pic:

hahaha i found the pic from the day i bought it!

-replaced timing belt/water pump
-replaced serpentine belt
-plugs, wires, cap
-replaced front brake system (pads, rotors, and calipers) *cross drilled and slotted rotors for the front this weekend*
-replaced rear drums
-new battery terminals
-new clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder
-new turn signal switch
-new d/s window regulator
-oil flush, tranny flush, coolant flush
-recharged ac
-new door lock control module
-New Upper Rad Hose
-New Ignition Switch
-New oem sedan exhaust installed (with new exhaust cut out lol)
-New o2 sensor
-new cv axles (both sides)
-new clutch
-new flywheel
-new rear main seal

-10k HID kit
-35%front tint, 20%rear tint
-tinted taillights
-aftermarket deck
-custom steering wheel
-custom shift knob
-painted calipers/rotors (black)
-17 inch katana ninja nj-10 with no name 205/45r17 tires
-custom stickers for rear window
-custom shift boot (with help from my gf's mom )
-alpine front speakers, ultimate 4' roof speakers, infinity 6x9 in the back
-SRI (thanks mike!)
-Legend lip (thanks mike )
-custom f22a6 header
-tein s-tech springs with stock struts
-re-badged rear with "accord inspire" emblem
-custom e-brake boot with e-brake handle
-custom accord license plate frame
-blacked out stock grille

Future Mods

-replace sunroof (cracked)

I have every record since new, including my buddy who only owned it for 2 months it is a 3 owner car. The original price for this vehicle was $23,634, which is shown on the original bill of sale which I have. I don't plan on taking the modifications too far, the body is in such rough shape that I plan on driving this until it completely falls apart. But the motor is still running strong (besides an exhaust leak) and will easily do 200 km/h (124mph) without a problem. I love my honda!

after my hid's but before my rims

prior to steering wheel

just after i broke 320,000km!

blacked out my front grill

jdm badge

most recent odo pic!

new flywheel

old flywheel lol

new rear main seal

new clutch

i've got so much more planned and parts are starting to accumulate nicely (thanks again mike lol)

oh, and a side note, my gf needed a car so we bought her a 91 exr sedan auto in green and parts are starting to pile up for that as well lol.....

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mtnbikaah is cool... so far.
Looking good!

5-speed wagons, FTW!
Originally Posted by deevergote View Post
These cars will never be the best at anything, but they're pretty damn good at everything.

92ex CB7<-SOLD 93ex CB9shiftingshift73C10
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faqncb7 is cool... so far.
I wish it was easy to find a 5 speed wagon or I would get one. Nice start bud
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Location: calgary, alberta, canada
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infamouscb9 is cool... so far.
well, time to start updating this......

so i sold the car to a good friend of mine who took it to the next level....h22, unobtainium full exhaust, 5 lug swap, rear disc swap, fixed the rust and repainted it, half completed black interior swap, so much! but then he realized he had 4 hondas and 1 spot to store them. so he sold it back to me. I am so excited to take it to the next level, i already have a pile of parts to make it my own once again.

already i've done the following;
-resonator and cat for the exhaust. it was sooooooooooo loud after i had it quieted down my neighbour left me a thank you note one morning lol.....
-power steering pump, and currently driving without power steering waiting on my high pressure power steering line to be completed.
-another drivers side window regulator
-added a button for the horn (nrg quick release doesn't have the contacts for horn)
-added front mud flaps

and then here's the list of things i plan on doing
-redo suspension (coilovers are too rough for canadian winters lol)
-putting in foglights (have everything just need to wire it to the car)
-getting my sideskirts from the other side of the province and installing them
-hopefully getting some new wheels and tires for spring (if my tax return is nice lol)
-get the heated leather interior swap completed, once again i have everything just need to get it done.....but I want to keep the split folding seats so need some custom work......

and then the pile of parts i already have sitting;
-carbon fiber hood + hood pins
-led headlights
-dohc vtec stickers
-stubby antenna
-shift boot

if i can figure out where to post pics so they show up here i can totally whore the thread with lots of pics from throughout the build and up to today.....
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fleetw00d is very helpful fleetw00d is very helpful
Originally Posted by infamouscb9 View Post
if i can figure out where to post pics so they show up here i can totally whore the thread with lots of pics from throughout the build and up to today.....
Welcome back! Try putting "~original" in front of the [/url][/IMG] at the end of the picture links, all mine that I've edited this way show up again.
90 LX 4dr 5 spd 365,000 - MRT: http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=201450
93 LX wagon auto 245,000 MRT:http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=208490
92 EX coupe auto 168,000 - MRT:http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=205114

LOTS of CB7 parts for sale http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=192583

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Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: calgary, alberta, canada
Posts: 49
infamouscb9 is cool... so far.
ok so March 10 update. Back near the start of Feb had a small accident, slid into a guy with a trailer hitch. Punched a hole in the bumper and support, smashed the grille and bent the hood a bit. Got a new bumper painted and put on. Ordered a new grille. Don't care too much about hood cause carbon one sitting at home. The good is it missed my ac lines, rad, and both headlights. All in all could have been worse.

Got the front seats taken apart and the leather put onto them, waiting to hear back from an upholstery shop to do the rears.

Had all front suspension redone; between tie rod ends and control arms and ball joints and more. Love the full kit off of rockauto. But they still haven't shipped me my new front brakes! Also did my front torque strut mount while I was at the shop.

Really really really really really having a hard time deciding whether or not I want new summer rims. Been looking at them in the cart for weeks now. Wishing the Canadian Dollar was a bit stronger vs the US.....but dammit I want them lol.......

I've given up on the foglights; when I had the car in the body shop the owner told me that they weren't proper for the car and wouldn't fit. So they will be up for sale soon. I have no clue and don't even care that much to be honest, and I would really like the button space in the middle of my dash to make my cruise control work better while being able to get the steering column cover completely back on lol.

New parts that showed up were some new lugs for my winter wheels, and a new grille. Waiting on steering wheel and new washer nozzles for the carbon hood. Hopefully getting some sideskirts tomorrow from a local guy. Really hoping. lol.

Been debating on pulling the tint off the tail lights and going back to stock. Having issues with my passenger side outer tail light and as soon as I can get that figured out I can put the rear of the car back together. Including my cargo cover and a bunch of the plastic parts.

I love the fact that I have a good pile of parts accumulating and can't wait for nicer weather to install said goodies!!!
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wtfisafleek is cool... so far.
I'm actually looking for some '91 fogs. I just need the lights, not the harness.
My '91 LX build. Bought September 2017.
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Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: calgary, alberta, canada
Posts: 49
infamouscb9 is cool... so far.
Ok, so March 12 update. Lol. Things happen fast. Found side skirts on ebay, they are on their way here. Ordered my new wheels and lug nuts. haha. so stoked. hope they look as good as I hope. Trying to figure out tires now that my bank account is empty haha. Also ordered new washer nozzles for my carbon hood and some film to wrap my spark plug cover piece. Hoping this weekend to do the valve cover/brake caliper powdercoat and i'm really hoping rockauto gets off their ass and ships my front rotors and pads soon.

The foglights and harnesses will all be sold together, I will not separate them unless you have a buyer for the harnesses as well.
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