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Help car starts but won't move

so yesterday I was on my way back from work and when I accelerated on a turn I hit a bump and started to high Rev. While continuing on the road I noticed my transmission was slipping I believe. It'll hit 3000 and Rev up to about 4200 before it shifts. By the way The car isn't throwing any codes and it's an auto. I jump in it today and drive to work and decide to check if it will manually shift dropping it to first and tried to work my way up, it didn't shift at all, only one gear. Eventually the car would not move. Now I'm stuck at that point, it revs but won't move.
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You sure it has no codes? Because if it's in limp mode some cases you'll start out in fourth gear upon take off and it'll rev without moving at first. But you said you put it into first and it still won't move? I'm pretty sure if you only have 4th you'll only have that and 2nd so both are really gonna take a bit to take off. If you want us to help you a bit more take a video of it while your trying to accelerate with the camera on the gauge cluster. Can you get up to speed like 50+?

I just read the rest of your post. You need to find out exactly what gear you have you can put it into first when it's in limp mode but it'll default to another gear so try moving it back and fourth from 1st-4th and figure out witch gear you have. What year cb7 do you have how many miles? Does it do the same when cold? Confirm that the fluid level is good? That bump-shock for all we know made you lose your fluid if you haven't checked it yet when you check your fluid does it smell burnt or a unusual color? It should be pinkish redish but the new stuff is redish, pinkish, purpleish LOL. When was the last time the fluid was changed?

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